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About Us

We are a contract manufacturer and exporter of niche electronic components and relays.

Micro Components started its journey in 2016 and is a sister concern of Globatronix (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd. Located in the industrial heart of Mumbai, SEEPZ, a special economical and free-trade zone of India with an added advantage of swift customs clearance. With a state-of-art manufacturing facility, we aim to provide the highest quality standards with a commitment to continuous improvement of the Quality Management System. Micro Components is an ISO 9001:2015 company.

Why Choose Us

Highly skilled operators trained by a team of transfer associates by the client.
A strong and well-equipped infrastructure to produce volumes of 40,000 per month
Achieving maximum customer satisfaction with 100k class cleanroom and multiple levels of Quality Management System.

Quality Certificate

Our Products

  • Coils
  • Header Assembly
  • Motor Assembly
  • Relay Assembly
  • Hermetically Sealed Relay

We can offer you a broad portfolio of products from a single source custom-made as per the client’s requirements. Thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we are the ideal industrial supplier for winding your coils, regardless of whether they are air core coils (baked varnish coils or self-supported coils), winding on bobbins, winding on magnetic cores, toroidal core coils, transformers, or chokes. A particular speciality of our coil production is the winding of miniature air coils with enamelled copper wire ranging from 0.010 mm, assembled under a 20x microscope. We manufacture coils for both AC and DC circuits with voltage ranging from 1 to 230 volts. Our competent team of engineers are happy to support you during the entire development process.

header assembly

Header is a component of a relay, encompassing all the moving and stationary contacts of the relay, using specialized tools to check multiple parameters. The contacts are adjusted to achieve a specified dielectric spacing, and the return spring angle is maintained to achieve a specified return spring force as part of this process.

motor assembly

The motor is a component of a relay, which activates under the influence of an electromagnetic field caused by the current passing through the coil. It is built by assembling frame, coil, armature, and shim together and pneumatically peened, and is followed by motor adjustment for open close condition of relay. We manufacture both magnetically latched & non-latched motors. The motor assembly is done with precision under 20x magnification followed by the process of ultrasonic cleaning and vacuum baking.

relay assembly

A relay is an electronically operated switch that is remotely activated by an electromagnet which pulls a set of contacts to either make or break a circuit. Electrical relays are commonly used for switching signals, radio frequencies, high current circuits when using a lower current circuit, and loads such as resistive, motor, lamp, inductive, and capacitive applications. This is helpful when an in-line switch or existing circuit does not have the capacity to handle the required current. We assemble both open seal and hermetically sealed relays as per a customer’s requirement.

Hermetically Sealed Relay

After the cleaning process, the open relays are then can welded by laser to make an airtight joint. The relay sealing involves three processes – Vacuuming, Leak testing using helium and mass spectrometer and then purging with UP Nitrogen followed by ball welding.

Our Key Processes

The following steps are involved in the finishing of our products to deliver best in class products to our customers without compromising on quality assurance.

  • Vapour Degreasing:

    To remove stains, dust, dirt, oil, grease, or any contaminations which is difficult to remove by hand. It cleans the surface of the components preparing them for the next finishing operations.

  • Vacuum Baking:

    This is the second level of the cleaning process, by baking the components at a required temperature further vaporizing contamination if any. The baking process can vary from 2 days to a week time duration.

  • Laminar flow inspection benches:

    These inspection benches are used to inspect the open relays under binoculars and under the laminar flow bench. The flow rate is 2.5mmWC.

  • Laser Welding:

    After the cleaning process, the open relays are welded by a can to make an airtight joint.

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